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Can I donate blood if I use Cannabis products?

Donating blood is a selfless act and yet very few of us take the time out to do this. Giving blood can also be mired by issues if you use Cannabis or Cannabis products. Blood transfusion saves life’s the world over and unfortunately many patients who require transfusion have limited access to safe blood.

Around 112.5million units of blood are collected globally, nearly half (47%) of these donations come from high income developed countries, home to less than 19% of the world’s population. Countries need to ensure the blood collected is enough for its requirements and also free from HIV, Hepatitis viruses, and other infections.

Can I give Blood if I take Cannabis products?

This is a question we’ve been asked a few times so we sought guidance from Scot Blood and the answer will make you happy.

Thankfully they do not preclude Cannabis or CBD use from giving blood. You can check the specific UK guidelines here at the Transfusion Guidelines Website

So get yourself down to the nearest blood drive and do your bit for society today.

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