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Mindfulness and Well-being – Back to the Future

Cbd for well-being? Is that really a thing?

We get it, the world moves fast. Faster than it ever has.  Days are gone in seconds, months meander on by, and years pass like silent ships in the night.

While some of us relish the haste, some struggle with the pace. Each with our own difficulties, triumphs and inward facing battles, it seems we all could do with a little more time.

But what is time if not spent effectively? How would you spend yours given an extra hour of ‘me time’ everyday? How do you look after your well-being?


Changing times

Generally speaking, the days of sit down family meals, self reflection and non-computerised communication are fading. In a time where social media and digitisation is at the forefront of how we communicate, are we losing the ability to delve beyond the superficial ‘likes’ and robotic rat race we have all become accustom to?

It’s not just with others that we are losing this battle. We are in danger of losing it with ourselves. How much of your day is spent scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, reading the mundane, boastful or about the terrible things happening right at our feet? Like zombies we scroll and scroll, looking for that next ‘fix’.


But what about spending some of that time on ourselves? Improving our own mental states instead of judging others? Calming our own minds instead of drowning out the noise with a nonsensical rhetoric from the ‘Reality TV’s next big star?

Steps towards Self-Care – Meditation

There are many tried and trusted methods of destressing, regrouping and calming oneself in times of trouble. Some that have survived centuries,  and spanned cultures and continents.

Meditation is considered by many as an art-form. With a history transcending Buddhists, Greek Philosophers, Taoism and Christian Mysticism, we now find it making a much needed return to what has become a somewhat ‘disconnected’  way of life. 

So what exactly can meditation  do for your well-being?

Effects on your Mental State

Over the first few days, weeks, and months of daily meditation, the quieting impact is subtle. But your thoughts, selections, decisions, and daily actions become more conscious, leading to more intuitive  behaviours.  You may find you are being more authentic, that there is greater balance between what you think, what you say, and what you do.  The world is still turning, and sometimes faster than ever, but you will have a new found awareness of your surroundings.

Stillness and Peace of Mind

Meditation can calm the senses and change perspectives. With good practice, your interactions with the world will begin to shift.

Meditation benefits you by quieting you to a state where you experience life with a deeper understanding of your true Self, which can open the door to spiritual exploration, connection and fulfillment.

Evolving our Brain: The Science

Some forms of meditation can calm you in the moment, some open you. Some inspire you, and some relax you. Through recent years, many compelling scientific studies have found evidence that a regular, consistent meditation practice can offer a wide range of healing benefits and meditation-linked health benefits.

Other traditional ways to increase your well-being

There are many other natural and holistic ways to increase your well-being and maintaining healthy state of mind and body.

Throughout the years, it has been well documented that Cannabidiol has played a vital role in mental and physical health. So it is without surprise that CBD and meditation are becoming a powerful partnership in the pursuit of health and well-being.  CBD is fast becoming a household name. It is  gaining accolades from doctors, physicians and scientists alike. People are turning to the ‘old ways’ of bringing peace and balance their lives, and it is without wonder when we look at recent case studies and  success stories of meditation and CBD.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’ve all heard this phrase before, an old cliche thrown around from time to time. But what if we really look at the trends. Traditional remedies, treatments and ways of leading a peaceful and balanced life has been lost along the way. Technology, Social Media synthetic medicines and a catalogue of quick ‘fixes’ has made us numb to true self awareness and well-being. Our health as a whole has suffered. We have force fed ourselves with numbing habits, while starving our minds and bodies of the very basic in self-care.

The old methods of meditation and naturalistic remedies were never ‘broken’, but the way we live now is. Lets take it back to the future and ‘fix it’.