Covid19 – Novel Corona Virus Update.

Covid19 – Novel Corona Virus Update.

By now everyone will be aware of the ongoing situation with the global pandemic. Below we will outline what we have done to offset any potential disruption to our customers and new hygiene processes in and around our offices :

  • New hand sanitizing units had been installed in our offices to limit the spread of any infection.
  • All staff members now have been supplied face masks in further attempt to slow the spread of this disease.
  • We’ve been stocking up over the last few weeks to ensure stability through this dire time.
  • When/If our courier collections are disrupted we are willing to do local deliveries over Scotlands Central belt – Glasgow/Edinburgh/Fife and all areas in-between
  • English and Irish Customers – We encourage these customers to purchase their goods within the next week or so to avoid a disruption in service because if our courier service is stopped there will be no way of getting goods to England/Ireland.

Keep Stress away from the NHS

We are anticipating that the NHS will have an extraordinarily hard time over the coming months so if you have minor symptoms or ailments unrelated to Covid19 we encourage Scots to try us instead in an effort to alleviate stress from the NHS. Remember we are all in this together and society is only as strong as it’s weakest members so keep an eye on the elderly in your community.