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HopeCBD Guide to Buy CBD Online

CBD Buyers Guide - 2019

The HopeCBD Guide to Buy CBD Oil Online. 

Trying to buy CBD oil online can be a tricky task, but it is becoming increasingly simple. Chances are that you already know about CBD and you are now actively looking to buy. After reading this article you will be able to do the following:

  • How to find great CBD vendors.
  • Ways to avoid being stung buying CBD online.
  • Calculate how much CBD is in your products.
  • What type of products are available.

Quick CBD overview.

Firstly, and probably one of the most common ideologies that surround CBD products and content is the misconception that it is an alternative to weed (or wacky backy, dope etc) and it will make you “High”. Incorrect. Here’s why…

CBD products do originate from the Hemp plant – one of nature’s most durable, versatile, and organic materials. However, it is the THC compound within the plant that makes it potent, or if you want to get scientific – psychoactive. This and CBD (cannabinol) combined that make up most of the genetics of the plant itself. Prior to the prohibition of cannabis (that’s another story), humans reaped many benefits from the versatility of this plant and in different forms, – oil and food.

CBD oil is an incredible natural compound that does not cause any psychoactive effects. Many people discovered that this particular oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory. With inflammation at the root cause of many ailments and diseases, it’s easy to why it’s so popular. People are now becoming aware of CBD products and their potential benefits and many are doing their own independent research furthering public knowledge on the subject.

Thusly here is our guide to help you when buying CBD online, which will also help in your CBD Research. How to buy CBD oil online – the Definitive guide should be an aid for you when buying CBD online.


First things first.

This article is a process by process look at how to buy CBD Oil online safely and securely. We look at the potential pitfalls and traps people can and will fall into. When it comes to buying CBD oil online you have to be vigilant. Keep your eyes peeled for telltale signs of internet fraudsters and unscrupulous sellers.

Buying CBD Oil online is not without its challenges. Below is an easy to follow, step by step guide to buying CBD oil online. Intended for those who are perhaps new to CBD and/or new to buying online. Most likely you start by searching “Buy CBD Oil Online” or similar. Googling “Buy CBD Oil online” brings this page up (6/12/17 Date googled)

From this image above you see that there are numerous choices. Novices look at these results can be lured into buying one of the products displayed first. It’s simply human nature to grab the first product and move on with your life but. Look back at the image as see that the products at the top are actually labeled “Hemp Seed Oil”. Well, what is the difference between buying hemp seed oil and buying CBD oil online?

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil.

This is perhaps the first hurdle of confusion that we must vault to in order to buy CBD online.

CBD oil is the short form of the term cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol is a natural component of industrial cannabis otherwise known as hemp. CBD oil is cannabis oil that has a significant content of cannabidiol. It is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds like hemp oil.

Hemp Seed oil is made from hemp seeds, hence the name. Try not to confuse CBD Oil and Hemp seed oil. This doesn’t mean that the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant don’t have a purpose. All parts of the hemp plant can be used in one form or another. The key thing to remember about hemp seed oil is NOT psychoactive. This is because the hemp plant is very low in cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is generally high in omegas and fatty acids Omega-6 to Omega-3 in a ratio of 3: 1 which promotes cardiovascular functions. CBD Oil is made from the flowers leaves and stalks of hemp plants or cannabis plants. Whereas Hemp oil/Hemp seed oil is made from the hemp seeds. Now we have covered the difference, let’s find out how to buy CBD oil online.

Milligrams vs Percentages

Another very confusing aspect of CBD is in understanding strengths and dosing. All we need to do here is understand that milligrams points to the total volume of CBD per product and percentage are the strength of this by volume. Each metric gives important information that we need and if one metric is missing then don’t worry, we have a lovely image to help you out.

As a point of comparison, we will use our 300mg oil and compare this to our stronger oils.

First things first we need to understand that each of these numbers gives us a different metric, we have 300mg in our 20ml oil which is a great ‘starter oil’ at only 1.5%.

Now if we had 300mg in a 10ml bottle as opposed to the 20ml then we have the same amount of CBD but it is a more potent oil, being double the CBD per volume meaning it would now be a 3% oil.

To break this down even further, a 20ml bottle has approximately 400drops so at 300mg this gives us 0.75mg per drop (300/400=0.75) if however, this was the 3% example in 10ml then this gives 1.5mg per drop (300/200=1.5).


How Strong Should My CBD Oil Be?

Now that we understand how to clearly interpret the volume and strength of CBD in the products, the next question is how much should you be taking.

This is a tricky one to answer as ultimately we are all built and wired differently with differing tolerances. What works for one may not be enough or too much for somebody else. We always advise to start low and grow. This is our mantra and this is because of the Biphasic Properties of Cannabis.

We have a full article on this here but basically taking too much CBD straight away effectively floods your ECS and it is not the most optimal way to take CBD and to understand how much or how little CBD you require.

Buying CBD Oil Online.

Rule 1.

There are a few main rules I always follow when buying CBD online. First off, I am never purchasing from a site that is not secure. Denoted by the Green padlock in the top lefthand corner with “Secure” beside it. Simply, do not buy from websites without this green padlock. Online criminality is only ever on the rise so be vigilant with your internet purchases.

In the image above you can clearly see the green padlock with the word “Secure”. This is what you should demand from every website you purchase from.

Rule 2.

When it comes to buying CBD online make sure both the website and their products look professional. A professional look and feel of a website really go far in allaying any fears of bad business practices. Lengthy product descriptions and a review section are a must for me as a buyer. I will not buy from a website that has no reviews.

Rule 3.

If I am buying CBD online I want to know that what I am getting is the real deal. This is where Lab Testing comes in. Lab tests should be available on request or ideally alongside the products themselves. Companies pay a lot of money testing their products in order to show consumers that what they are receiving is legitimate. Quite simply, no lab test, no purchase.


A recap of the 3 simple rules I use when I go to buy CBD oil online.

  • The website must be secure (this should be a general rule with online purchases)
  • The website looks and feels professional. Must have reviews.
  • No Lab tests. No purchase.


Now that we have covered enough to keep us safe when we buy CBD oil online. Let’s look at what type of products are on the market.

What CBD Products Can I Buy?

CBD Oil Tinctures.


The most common method is using highly concentrated CBD oil in your mouth. It is best absorbed under the tongue, trying to hold the oil there as long as you can. This way some of it will be absorbed through mucus membranes straight into the bloodstream. It is key to note that when you swallow what remains in your mouth it will end up in the liver. When you ingest orally only 6% ends up usable in your bloodstream. CBD Tinctures are by far the most popular CBD product for sale at the moment. It’s a classic and very effective way to supplement your endocannabinoid system.

They are very easy to use, come in a variety of flavours and sizes. They offer users convenience as you adjust the daily dosage according to personal preferences.

You can practically increase or decrease the dosage by drop, having the chance to easily get to the ideal dosage in your case. Plus you can add the tincture is almost any drink you enjoy during the day, diversifying in this manner the intake of the CBD product. Not to mention that a tincture is quite easy to carry around, although CBD capsules and gums are less conspicuous than tinctures.

CBD Topicals.


CBD Ointment Tin

A topical CBD product means that it will be used externally, on your skin, rather than be swallowed like the previously mentioned. CBD topical come in form of creams, balms, lotions, and so on. Allowing you to apply to problem areas locally with ease. These are not the only kind of products that can be used directly on your skin, elbows or knees, which is something that can be achieved with the oral CBD oils as well. Although, it is worth knowing that CBD topics work a tad slower than any other CBD products because they have to pass through the skin first and then get into the system. Plus, they are also a bit more expensive, due to the fact that they most likely contain other high-quality ingredients in their composition.

CBD Edibles.

CBD edibles are a very simple method for the intake of CBD. Pictured above is an example of boiled candies. Candies or sweets are a great way to supplement on the go. Each with specified milligram in each it is also easy to note how much CBD you are taking. Interesting to note that if children are having problems taking CBD then this could bridge the gap for a child. However, CBD sweets are intended for everyone. A simple and effective way to supplement your endocannabinoid system.

Quality over Quantity.

Cheap has its limitations. If a product is too cheap to be true then don’t buy. Or at the very least think twice before buying it. Many so-called CBD oil providers take advantage of the fact that the demand for CBD oil is rising rapidly, so unscrupulous sellers can and will sell fake oil. Again, lab tested products are a good indicator of the integrity of the seller.

When it comes to buying CBD oil online, real CBD oil providers can give you all the info you need to know about the product and its origin. Plus you can see its quality in the cannabidiol concentration. The higher the cannabidiol concentration is, the more powerful the product is going to be. Making your money go further being well-spent on a product that will actually deliver the desired results.

Companies selling CBD oil online should have customer service agents to assist you. Similarly, companies that are slow to respond to customer queries and complaints, I would avoid.

UK Buyers Specifically.

The UK CBD Industry has a variety of offerings. Whether you’re looking for CBD Oil, CBD Ointment, CBD Teas or CBD candies, cannabinoid produce is readily available online from various trusted and regulated sources.

The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA UK) is a regulatory body which defines the legal parameters of selling CBD products in the UK. A governing institute which ensuring UK CBD products are consistent with the laws surrounding THC content. Being a member of this body means your CBD provider is abiding by a legal framework set out by the CTA. Ensuring a greater level of consumer confidence when choosing where to buy CBD products online.

You can use the CTA UK website as a kind of directory for vetted, approved vendors of cannabis produce. A very handy tool if you want to buy CBD oil online in the UK.


Summation of Guide to Buy CBD Oil online.

Basically, when you buy CBD oil online you need be a savvy shopper. Don’t be buying from unsecured websites, make sure the company is the real deal. Phone, email – get in touch with a company to gauge whether you want to buy from them. Like the aforementioned, if you are a UK shopper you could go through a directory of verified and vetted companies right here. If you are located in the US or Canada you can use CannabizDaily for a directory.

Buying CBD oil online can be just like any other online order if you’re buying from the right companies. Otherwise, you run the risk of being caught out by internet fraudsters if you don’t pick wisely. Know your differences between Hemp oil and CBD oil. DO a bit more research into both CBD and whatever company you decide to buy CBD oil from.

The HopeCBD team is always on hand to for customer inquiries and sales/returns. Additionally, we also write great informative articles educating on Cannabis news and culture that surrounds it. Our favourite articles are below if you are eager to read on.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back again for more great products and great content.