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1000mg CBD Oil – (10%) RAW CBD Oil


  • 1000mg CBD oil per bottle
  • 200 drops per bottle -> 1 drop = 5mg CBD
  • 100% Cannabis Oil
  • Price includes free tracked delivery.


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1000mg  CBD Oil – (10%) RAW Hemp Oil

This 1000mg CBD oil has a stronger taste and is a full spectrum oil meaning it has more parts of the cannabis/hemp plant which include trace and legal amounts of THC at >0.2%.

What is a RAW Oil?

This oil is a whole plant, full spectrum oil; as opposed to other oils provided by HopeCBD which are further refined to produce a broad spectrum oil (THC Removed);  this 1000mg CBD Oil uses a RAW CBD Oil base which provides this full spectrum whole plant oil providing a range of cannabinoids to help promote the what is known as the entourage effect.

As a RAW CBD Oil this is a good source of both CBD & CBDa and using Hemp Seed Carrier Oil also provides a source of omega -6 & omega -3 fatty acids as well as phytosterols which can be beneficial for heart health.

CO2 Extraction

Produced using the supercritical CO2 extraction method which is a cleaner extraction method that uses liquid cardon dioxide as the solvent as opposed to harsh alcohols and solvents that although are a cheaper way to extract CBD it is not as ‘clean’ as using CO2.

Presented in a 10ml bottle containing approximately 200 drops. Each drop contains approximately 5mg CBD.

Buy CBD with confidence with HopeCBD.


100% Cannabis Sativa L – Hemp Seed Oil, Winterised Hemp Extract from the complete plant. Contains approximately 1000mg cbd oil

100% vegetarian, non-GMO & Gluten Free.

CBD Dosing

If you are unsure as to how much CBD you should take just remember our golden rule when it comes to CBD dosing, “Start Low & Grow”.   Clearly we are all built and wired differently so we always suggest using the up-titration method to find your optimal dose.

CBD Dosing Chart
CBD Dosing Chart

First time using CBD? 

If  you’re new to CBD and want to fund out more check out our informative  articles  on CBD  including – What is CBD? is or Endocannabinoid System Explained – How CBD Works



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