300mg CBD Oil – 20ml


  • 300mg CBD Oil in 20ml
  • Full Spectrum Extracted – Whole Plant Oil
  • Natural Flavoured
  • Blended plant carrier oil – Sunflower & Rapeseed
  • Lab tested and certified Organic
  • Price includes free tracked delivery

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HopeCBD 300mg CBD Oil.

This 300mg CBD Oil is a perfect starter oil for new users of CBD. This is one of our original and best selling CBD oils.

This quality CBD oil is CO2 extracted, therefore it is the highest standard for CBD extraction. When it comes to premium CBD produce, you don’t need to look further than us.

Derived from Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L) sourced from EU farms that are certified organic, Hope CBD Oils are, lab tested and as we use full spectrum extraction, our oil includes all aromatic terpenoids and is rich in natural Omegas. Hope CBD oil is unique to other CBD products on the market because of our unique supplier and growing conditions. Furthermore, when you are looking for a high quality and affordable CBD oil then this is what you need.

  • 300mg CBD Oil in 20ml
  • Smooth with an earthy taste
  • Rigorously Lab tested and certified Organic
  • Simple and effective way to intake CBD

This product comes with 300mg CBD which is equal to 15mg per 1ml and as we use full spectrum extraction techniques. As a result, our Hope CBD oil has healthy levels of other cannabinoids in addition to CBD such as CBD, CBC, CBG and also has trace elements of D9-THC (<0.2%)

300mg CBD Oil Ingredients:

  • Plant Oil
  • 300mg CBD Oil extracted from hemp rich in CBD
  • Alpha-tocopherol

CBD Dosing

If you are unsure as to how much CBD you should take just remember our golden rule when it comes to CBD dosing, “Start Low & Grow”.   As we are all built and wired differently so we always suggest using the up-titration method to find your optimal dose.

CBD Dosing Chart
CBD Dosing Chart

First time using CBD? 

If  you’re new to CBD and want to fund out more check out our informative  articles  on CBD  including – What is CBD? is or Endocannabinoid System Explained – How CBD Works

Looking for something stronger?

If you feel that this oil is not strong enough for you check out our full range of oils which include 1000mg (10%) CBD Oils & 2000mg (20%) CBD Oils

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