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Six Photographers Took The Same Man’s Picture, What They Captured Will Make You Think

We’ve all heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”, which is a lesson in not judging people by how we see them. However, what about judging people when you hold preconceived thoughts and beliefs? This can manifest itself in sometimes ugly ways and at the very least can skew your judgment. At some stage in our lives, we have all been guilty of holding unjust prejudices against people for no particular reason other than something we have been told about them.

That’s exactly what this experiment is all about. Six photographers were told to photograph the same man but each of them was told a different background story about who the man was. For example, one of them was told he was a self-made millionaire whilst another was told he was an ex-convict.

Perception vs Reality

In reality, he is none of those things. The results of how the man was portrayed in their photographs were truly mind-blowing and revealing, to say the least. Look for yourself

This experiment highlights the fact that our pre-conceived notions go into what we create. Our art. Our music. A photograph can be such an intimate representation of who we are. It also says a lot about the photographer too. Always ask yourself the question of “Who is taking the picture”

I hope this experiment acts as a reminder to you that you need to be careful about what you listen to and digest when people talk about someone else. Because what they say will shape how you think of them. And those thoughts can sometimes be untrue, so before you judge someone gives them the chance to tell you their own story because often it will be different to the one you have heard.

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