HopeCBD in Liverpool Shopping Centre
St Johns Shopping Centre Liverpool - CBD

HopeCBD in Liverpool Shopping Centre

Hope CBD in Liverpool

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, and with this in mind, HopeCBD are proud to announce that CBD is now in Liverpool, specifically you can get HopeCBD in Liverpools St. Johns shopping centre.

Hot on the recent opening of the East Kilbride shopping centre location, our friends over at MoreLivingCBD have now ventured south and flying the HopeCBD flag in Liverpool to open their fifth shopping centre location.

As one of the busiest shopping centres in Liverpool, St. Johns is a prime location to further promote HopeCBD and our high quality products.

Visit the store at: St. Johns Shopping Centre, Liverpool, L1 1LQ

We wish MoreLiving CBD all the best with this new location and kepe your eyes peeled for more locations opening in the coming months.

The stand will be open on the following days and times and further information can be sought form Moreliving CBD directly here – https://www.facebook.com/MOReLIVINGCBD/