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The home made of hemp

Homes made from Hemp

Homes made from Hemp building materials are on the rise. Why? Because it’s grown in rapid time. It’s strong, durable and it great for the environment.

It has been well documented through the years, that hemp is one of nature’s most versatile and robust materials. Before the prohibition of the cannabis plant, it was used for many practical and medical uses, including ship sails, clothes and pain relief.  Even the American Independence Declaration was drafted on hemp paper!

Unfortunately due to the prohibition, hemp and its use diminished, and instead, society relied on more synthetic materials.

The fascinating history of cannabis prohibition
The fascinating history of cannabis prohibition

In light of the recent upsurge in awareness of Hemp and its fascinating properties. It’s of no surprise that we are now finding ways to reintroduce it into our everyday lives. Including supplementing our diets with CBD. However, one family has taken hemp and its use to a whole new level.

Meet the family who made their home from hemp building materials!

After Tiffany Gee lost her father – an architect – to a form of cancer caused by the exposure to asbestos. Her husband, Michael Leung and their family decided to find a healthy, environmentally friendly way of building a home for them and their small children.

Homes from Hemp – Hemp Building Materials


After doing their own research into building biology Tiffany and Michael founded ‘Balanced Earth’ – a company that uses ‘hempcrete’ to construct and create a non-toxic and environmentally friendly home, that was safe for both the family and the builders involved in making it! Not only much more affordable than the standard materials used in our everyday homes. ‘Hempcrete’ is renowned for having incredible insulating properties as a hemp building material and is fire and earthquake resistant.

Take a look at the video below, explaining how hempcrete is made, and the beautiful end result of Tiffany and Michaels Hemp Home!

We are always interested in hearing stories like this, and educating people on one of the worlds most wondrous plants. It is our mission and passion at HopeCBD to bring hemp and its fascinating properties to the forefront of society.

Interested in finding more about the many uses of hemp building material? Did you know Hemp can even eliminate toxins and radioactive material from the environment?

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