CBD Dosing – Biphasic Properties of Cannabidiol

CBD Dosing – Biphasic Properties of Cannabidiol

CBD Dosing – Biphasic Properties of CBD

When starting out on supplementing your diet with Cannabinoids you want to ensure you’re cannabinoid consumption is as efficient as possible. This is why when it comes to the amount of CBD you need to take, we suggest using the tried and tested ‘Up-Titration’ method and you will often hear us and talk about starting low & grow. The reason we suggest this is because of the biphasic properties of Cannabidiol amongst other cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant theand this article will tell you more about why it is important to gradually build up your intake of CBD.

CBD Dosing Chart
CBD Dosing Chart


Recent research has shown Cannabidiol (CBD) to have numerous health benefits and a wide range of positive effects on the human body. Many people use CBD to relieve themselves of anxiety, chronic pain and even to alleviate some side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Despite the Cannabis plants illegalities in the UK, the cannabinoid CBD itself is legal and is currently being sold in the forms of oils, tea, sweets and many more methods of ingestion.

Although CBD holds a plethora of health benefits, the biphasic properties of Cannabidiol  could produce the opposite effect of what is desired. Why is this?

What does Biphasic mean?

Cannabidiol, amongst many other natural products, are known to be biphasic, meaning it has different effects on the body depending on concentration levels in the blood, be it too low or too high. Another example of this would be alcohol which also has biphasic properties. It acts as a stimulant as blood alcohol levels reach up to 0.05%. After this, further consumption will have a depressive and sedated effect on the body.

Cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis molecule. Has antipsychotic effects. Skeletal formula.

CBD responds to our body in a similar way to alcohol. According to researchers, small doses of CBD have shown to improve alertness and also help elevate mood, whereas higher doses are known to cause sedative effects, causing some to become more drowsy and relaxed. Therefore, it is important to know your dose before consuming CBD as a supplement. Finding out your own personal dose can be tricky as everybody has their own specific endocannabinoid system and what works for one may not work for another.

To find the right CBD product for you, ensure that you research as much as you can on amounts to take, methods, product reviews and insist on lab reports.

How much CBD should you take?

One tried and tested method for consumption is the aforementioned up-titration method. It is a true and traditional way of working up and finding the right CBD dosing. By starting off on low doses, and slowly increasing your intake, you are waking up your endocannabinoid system to respond at its optimum, giving you the best, most effective result. You can always lower your dose if you feel you are taking too much.

Start by deciding how you want to use your CBD product, whether it is in oil form, tea or any other available methods. Non-smokers tend to find these more appealing means of ingestion. Then find your ratio. Start off with a small dose to activate your endocannabinoid system and gradually increase your daily intake. Remember to be aware of possible side effects. Consuming cannabinoids in larger quantities may not always have its positives, it can amplify mood disorders, anxiety, and dizziness.