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Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD Oil Legal in UK?

Yes! CBD oil is legal in the UK and is sold widely in the UK with many high street stores now stocking a range of CBD products.

The reason we have to ask these questions is because CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. Yet the Cannabis plant is made up over over 100 Cannabinoids of which CBD is one of and a legal cannabinoid at that. If you’re not sure about what CBD is yet, please read our article – What is CBD?

Cannabinoid word cloud concept on grey background.
Cannabinoid word cloud concept on grey background.

Thankfully the UK and many other European countries legally differentiate between cannabinoids which allows CBD oil companies in the UK, like HopeCBD, to sell CBD based products.


Uk Government Department - MHRA - Medical & Healthcare products regulatory agencyIn late 2016 & early 2017 the Medical Health & Regulatory Authority (MHRA) clarified their position in a statement. The statement said that the MHRA would allow companies to sell CBD in the UK as a nutritional/food supplement. This is why companies like HopeCBD sell our products as a food supplement and do not make, infer or claim any medical benefits. MHRA Statement

Consumers should be wary of sellers of CBD products claiming medicinal value. The question “if CBD is medically beneficial” is burdened entirely upon the consumer to research for themselves while duct taping up the mouths of companies selling the products. It is inevitable that such a rapidly emerging market has some issues with regulation so we are just happy that is it available for UK consumers.

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CBD oil available the UK is derived from EU Approved Industrial Hemp Cannabis Sativa (L) plants naturally rich in CBD yet low in THC. This is beneficial as products on sale in the UK cannot contain any more than 0.2% THC.

The fact that we use Hemp derived CBD Oil in our products, this is not to be confused with Hemp Oil which is a great food supplement in its own right yet has no activated CBD. For more information the differences between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil please see read – Know The Difference: Cannabis Oil vs Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Things to consider when buying CBD

We have a full article on this here – The HopeCBD Guide to Buy CBD Online

but it is worth mentioning again here. We encourage people who buy CBD to take into consideration some points before buying CBD.

Be mindful of the following points:

  • Ensure that the CBD percentage or milligram content is clearly present on all packaging and descriptions.
  • Does the supplier provide lab tests for their products?
  • Are the companies products marketed as a CBD Food Supplement or as a CBD Medicine?

Be a smart customer. Do research on what products you are buying and the companies you are buying from. Are the labels clear? Do they have Lab reports? Personally, I wouldn’t be buying from companies that couldn’t answer yes to all the above. Look at past customer reviews before making a purchase. Generally just be a bit savvier a shopper than you normally are when it comes to CBD produce.


In a nutshell, CBD based products are perfectly legal for purchase and sale within the UK. Companies need only ensure that first and foremost they selling products as “food supplements” and are not claiming or implying health benefits from the usage of their products. Secondly, companies need to label and package products clearly, concisely and not in any way confusing for consumers.